Love and Depression: Connecting to your heart

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love & depressionOften depression makes you feel empty, lonely and indifferent.

What can you do to begin to feel the vibration of love through you and all around you once again?

Well, let me reveal you a huge secret that took me years of depression to figure out:

your kind and loving heart is still intact!

It did not stop beating, get depressed or somehow stop working properly. It is still there: a generous, warm and ever so full of love heart!

Your depression somehow interrupted the connection between your heart and your brain, so that your brain can feed you the lies all days long. You get thoughts: thoughts that you don’t care anymore and no one else cares; thoughts that the world can happily exist without you and you can exist without anyone else too… Those venomous thoughts (as I can remember) are plentiful and never ending.

Do you have to believe those thoughts? Do you have to accept them as absolute truth, especially since they have originated in your own brain? Do you need to allow those thoughts to rule your life? 

I don’t think so! I am not going to talk about what you can do with those thoughts today.

I propose to try something else. Let’s make your brain busy. Let’s make it work very hard to support you rather than to sabotage you. Let’s begin to rebuild a connection between your heart and your brain.

So, your task for the next 4 weeks is to compile a list:


It’s such a simple task, but it’s not easy to do.

Don’t worry if nothing comes to your mind at first. Give it time. You have a whole month (and beyond that) to carry on with this assignment.

All that is required from you is to make some memos and post-it notes and: put them in your diary, use them as a bookmark or leave them around your house. For example, you enter the bathroom and an ‘I LOVE…’ note is greeting you stuck on the mirror to remind you to think about what you love.

Again, there are no right or wrong answers to completing an ‘I LOVE…’ sentence.

Anything that comes into your mind from your heart goes!

Just don’t forget to write them down. It’s important to keep the list going in a written form.

Just to give you an example, here are my top 5:

I love sunshine!
I love seasonal changes!
I love to overhear my kids’ conversations!
I love colours and working with them!
I love to create!
Do it, record it, share it! Let your heart speak to you. What are your top 5?

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Love, light and healing!

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