Will eating certain food cure my depression?

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healthy food 1There is endless information on the internet claiming that eating certain food will cure depression…

I believe that there is a big element of truth in those claims. I even wrote an article suggesting that …

Oh…wait… I was not talking strictly about food in that article! 🙂

But, seriously, can food heal depression?

My answer is yes and no! That’s right! YES and NO!

In my opinion, food certainly plays a huge role in recovery, but I am not convinced (yet) that food alone can bring an end to depression.

Unless, of course, there is a serious medical issue at play that was entirely caused by ingesting certain chemicals on a regular basis. I am talking about some very rare and fascinating cases that could only possibly be seen in the “House M.D.” TV series…

For a regular person, consuming an average western/eastern/modern etc. diet, I am yet to see direct (not correlational) evidence that certain types of food are causing depression.

That, I think, is a huge relief to us all, don’t you agree?

Still, food is a huge part of our daily living (We live because we eat after all!) and what we eat does matter for everyone, let alone for a person paralysed by depression.

Lack of energy, fatigue, mental fog, inability to concentrate, irritability –

These are all “classic” symptoms of depression…

And yet…

They are also symptoms of malnourishment!

Depending on the person, it does not take long to begin to experience these symptoms of malnourishment or malnutrition.

For example, if I travel for a few days while recklessly delegating my nourishment to a certain fast-food chain restaurant, I am guaranteed to get those symptoms on the third day of travel!

fast-foodI don’t need to convince you that not all food is nourishment.

Knowing how to feed yourself properly is a crucial part of a great depression recovery plan.

So, what do I consider a good diet for a person recovering from depression?

I hope you can join me next week to learn about my personal secrets of what and how to eat to boost your chances of recovery.

In the meantime, I would love to hear your opinions and experiences regarding food. What helps you? What does not?  Did you try any specific diets or supplements? How did they go?

Love, light and healing! x

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