Sunglasses? Check! Sunblock? Check! Depression? Check!

Jun 21 2013 Published by under Action, Choice, Inspiration

Sunshine1Let me get it clear from the very start. Wearing sunglasses and sunblock does not bring on depression!

However, when you equip yourself with a pair of shades and choose to splodge some sunblock over your skin, you are doing something that might affect your health and your mood in a very profound way. 

Stylish and modern you may look, but you are almost invisible to our wonderful mighty star, the very star that nourishes us on so many levels directly and indirectly!

Our sun gives us light, oxygen to breath, water to drink, food to eat, the ability to see, warmth etc.…

In short, it gives us LIFE!

Why on Earth would you cut yourself off from this powerful nourishing source?

I can only assume that you are doing exactly what some powerful cosmetic/pharmaceutical /media authorities primed you to do.

STOP! THINK! What would we all be without our sun?

Not convinced? Put a bucket over your favourite plant and wait a couple of weeks. Your plant would get sad, weak and stretch itself to its limits!

We need the Sun to kiss our skin and send us its beneficial rays through our eyes. However, never ever attempt to look this powerful god straight into its eyes: it will damage your eyes, be warned!

Just be there, in the sunshine, and allow it to kiss you better…

All you need is 15-30 minutes of unfiltered sunlight daily on your hands, face and eyelids.  No sunscreen, glasses or contact lenses please. Spread this time over a few sessions during the day, if you think you may get burnt.

Please try this totally free and amazing treatment!

Wishing you lots of sunshine, my beautiful friends! Kat xx


Step into the light!




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