‘Magic food’ that will undoubtedly lift your depression…

Apr 14 2010 Published by under Inspiration

Judging by the comments left on depression forums and blogs, many people would like to find food that can cure depression fast. Last weekend, I stumbled across a list of food that really lifted up my spirit, ignited my creativity and imagination, and reminded me that my future is full of excitement and joy.

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Chomping depression away: lessons from hungry caterpillars (part 1- Banana)

Mar 06 2010 Published by under Decision, Determination, Information, Inspiration

I’ve decided to dedicate a few posts to evaluating and promoting some good-mood food.

Are you are familiar with caterpillars and their eating habits or at least Eric Carle’s classic book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”? They are very fussy and picky in what they eat, but once they find the ‘good stuff’, they eat loads and at an amazing rate!

Today’s good stuff for you to consider is:


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Chicken soup for the depressed soul?

Feb 27 2010 Published by under Decision, Information, Inspiration

Did you know that in olden days soups were prescribed to you if you were unwell? In many cultures, it is still the first food served to a person recovering from an illness, especially a long one.

Soups are made all over the world, hence the endless types, varieties and flavours. Making soups is a very old tradition. It is said that restaurants were originally created to serve soups (restoratifs) in 18th century Paris.

What makes soup so special?
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