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Judging by the comments left on depression forums and blogs, many people would like to find food that can cure depression fast. Last weekend, I stumbled across a list of food that really lifted up my spirit, ignited my creativity and imagination, and reminded me that my future is full of excitement and joy.

I wish I could invite you all to share with me a meal or two cooked by some superb international chefs. We can try very unusual and even weird dishes like fresh wasabi root, fugu (deadly pufferfish), white truffles, deep-fried Mars bar, elvers, ant’s eggs, Casu Marzu (maggot-infested cheese!) and more.

If you can’t imagine bringing anything mentioned above close to your mouth, why not give a try to some of the more conservative dishes on offer: pastrami sandwiches, custard tarts, crayfish, Peking duck, lamb kebabs, gingerbread and even some tea?

What’s more? Your depression will begin to lift even if you just watch me (or anyone else) eat. Yes, we will have to travel! We will be visiting: Japan, Spain, USA, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Afghanistan, France, China, Morocco, Argentina, Germany, Vietnam, Scotland, Norway, India, Turkey, Thailand, Iceland, Peru, Australia, Mexico and Singapore (not necessarily in that order though).

If you would rather share these experiences with someone else or decide to travel alone, I will take no personal offence and I can assure you that my absence would have no negative effect on your recovery whatsoever. All you have to do is to see this food in front of your eyes at particular locations across the globe and the healing will begin.

Why am I so confident that this food can lift anyone’s depression? Simply because there is a secret ingredient in each and one of these dishes: ADVENTURE.

I believe that having experiences full of adventure is essential in living a full, exciting and passionate life. Without adventure and the stimulation it brings us, we wilt as fast as a delicate flower sprayed with a powerful weed-killer.

I think most of you will agree that travelling to exciting destinations to try these special dishes would be great and very uplifting, but if your current situation, finances or health don’t allow you to see how you could take on these adventures, don’t despair.

Instead, ask yourself a better question: “How can I gain similar experiences with what I already have or what I can afford today?”

In my opinion you just need a pinch of creativity, a generous helping of research and loads of seasoning with openness and willingness to try something new.

The easiest way to recreate a visit to a foreign country without actually going there is to throw a thematic event dedicated to this country. Cook some authentic food from your chosen country, improvise an ethnic setting and atmosphere (music, clothes, colours, different ways to serve food, etc.). If you are lucky enough to have friends or family to join you, think of some entertaining ideas, jokes, singing, dancing, games and activities. Delegate some or most of the tasks to others, if you can. Don’t be afraid to share the costs, as getting broke is not part of your adventure.

And if cooking or partying is not an activity you can take on right now, how about dining out in a different place? Maybe travel a bit further to eat at a stylish restaurant you’ve never been to before? If cost is an issue, you can order just a one-course meal.

The key point here is to seek out and soak up experiences and reconnect with your adventurous self. Let your soul feel young, free and joyful!

I have more ideas on introducing adventure back into your life and I will share them in future posts. It would be great to hear your ideas and thoughts too, as they could be life changing for others.

Stay strong, remain hopeful and seek inspiration!


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