Clarity and depression: Do you know what you want?

May 23 2014 Published by under Action, Change, Choice, Decision, Inspiration

clarity and depression


Clarity and depression…

You probably know what you don’t want…


Do you know what you DO want?

Do you have a vision?

A vision for your future?

A vision for your next holiday?

A vision of your next job?


What would your depression-free life look like? 

 What do you want to be, to do and to have?


 “Confusion, when embraced, is the starting point for discovery, direction and decision.” ~ Richie Norton

Invite clarity into your life! Open up to possibilities, growth and change! Connect with your heart’s, spirit’s and soul’s desires! 

It may take a while before your clarity shows up, especially if you have been depressed for a while.

Remember that it’s not a race.

You are taking a recovery journey! You are getting closer to sorting things out and getting back control over your life.


The following exercise might be very useful:

Take a piece of paper (or your digital device) and list as many things as you can for each category :

‘I want to be…’

‘I want to do…’

‘I want to have…’


Allow yourself to dream! 

Get your brain working on something deliciously new and just the right vibe for you!

(Do you know that the brain is the most changeable organ in the human body?)


Creating a detailed vision of your future can be quite challenging.

Please do not feel defeated if at first nothing comes to your mind. It will! Give it time but insist on searching for and finding your answers.

Come back to this exercise every few days and start filling in the pages! Start building your clarity muscles!


As always, I encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas, feelings and dreams! Your words have a potential to be an inspiration for someone in a very bleak moment.

What does your depression-free life look like in your mind? 


Love, light and healing!



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