Depression, autumn and letting go.

Oct 16 2012 Published by under Action, Change, Inspiration

Autumn is here. The leaves begin to change colour and fall. Nature is performing its ‘Let it go!’ dance once again!

A few more weeks and all the deciduous trees will look pretty much the same, revealing their solid and beautiful structure that we can all admire on a cold and misty day.

It’s seems like the trees need to let go of all the weight they can before the heavy snow and winds hit their magnificent crowns.

The trees have the inner wisdom of adapting themselves to a new season. They don’t resist it!

They have the immense trust to let go easily and effortlessly and just rest, rest, rest, consolidating their strength, until a new powerful transition and transformation takes place in the spring.
Why not be in alignment with Mother Nature and release some thoughts that bring you suffering and prevent you from recovery?

Take a mindful walk in nature this week. Observe the changes. Get inspired by the powerful and effortless transformations and renewals that are taking place around you. 

Imagine the world without these changes: These wonderful, magical, colourful leaves stuck forever in their unchangeable form. Would you miss the soft swollen buds of spring? Would you miss the delicate first green leaves? Would you miss the delicious scent and the velvety texture of the blossom?

Breathe in the healing air of nature and allow yourself to learn…

What thoughts, expectations or stories can you let go today?

Become aware! You don’t need to know how you would let them go yet. You just need to become aware that these painful dysfunctional thoughts and stories must go. They once might have served you and had a purpose. Now they are just the ‘autumn leaves’ of your mind and need to be released.

Now picture your life next spring. How much lighter, brighter and fresher would you feel without these thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck? Imagine standing amongst these same trees and basking in their new vibrant green energy?

You don’t need to figure out now how it will all come about. It can and it will! For now, just go with nature: release, rest, nourish and let the miracles of renewal and healing take place.

Love, light and healing!

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2 responses so far

  • Jen says:

    I have a hard time dealing with the death of nature that Fall brings. It depresses me a lot. Maybe focusing on the rebirth of spring would be a good thing for me.

  • Kat says:

    Hi Jen,

    Thank you for your comment.

    It’s interesting the way you say it: ‘the death of nature’. I can see where are you coming from. Yes, the trees may look dead to us during the winter, but they are far from dead.

    They just go to the bare minimum and enter a period of rest and deep self-care, gaining more strength with each and every day.

    All this steady regenerative work is happening below the ground, out of our sight.

    I just love the process: let go, rest, nourish yourself, rest, consolidate your energy. No force, no rush. The spring will come, but first you must rest, nourish and gain enough strength.

    Love and healing! Kat x

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