Is depression really your enemy?

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recoverypathThere is something good in your life right now, at this very moment.

It is probably hard for you to see it, let alone to name what exactly is good.

Your mind may be saying ‘nothing is good’ or even worse: ‘nothing will ever be good’. Why do we humans choose to believe our thoughts?

Close your eyes and listen to your heart…

Take a deep breath and listen to your body…

Life runs in you! Life runs through you! You are life! You are precious, wonderful, sacred life!

Yes, you have Depression standing next to you. She is holding you by your shoulders, but she is not your enemy

She never was and never will be! She is so ready to let you go and let you lead your life…

But, as a loving mother would do, she has to stay with you for just a short bit.

She must make sure that you can take proper care of yourself. She must ensure that you will not abuse or punish yourself, nor that you will cause harm to anyone or anything around you through your suppressed rage, anger, pain, hurt and all sorts of bottled-up emotions.

She is protecting you right now. Faithful depression! She makes you tired and sleepy. She slows you right down.

She whispers: ‘Rest…Nourish yourself…Take your time…’

She waves her magic wand and your world shrinks, your interests fade and become totally irrelevant. She is hopeful that you can work things out…

It becomes all about you and up to you…

You! This wonderful, amazing human being that is simply at war with him/herself!

Take a deep breathe. Lift your chin up. Shrug your shoulders to let your Depression know that you appreciate her efforts to keep you safe…

Then declare: ‘The War is over! Time to rebuild!’ and step on the path of recovery.

Lots of people, including myself, are waiting to help you recover!

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  • Jen says:

    Maybe not my enemy, but it is a part of me, while trying to protect me, does not really help me.

    I like to think of it as my shadow but really, it is just a side of me I try to stop.

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