Will eating certain food cure my depression?

Feb 19 2015 Published by under Action, Change, Choice, Decision, Hope, Inspiration


healthy food 1There is endless information on the internet claiming that eating certain food will cure depression…

I believe that there is a big element of truth in those claims. I even wrote an article suggesting that …

Oh…wait… I was not talking strictly about food in that article! 🙂

But, seriously, can food heal depression?

My answer is yes and no! That’s right! YES and NO!

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Is my depression back or do I need to slow down to go faster?

Feb 13 2015 Published by under Action, Choice, Inspiration, Strategy

slowI woke up full of energy on a sunny Monday morning ready to start a new week and tick a few items off my ‘To do’ list. Everything was as usual: hectic pre-school ceremony to get my daughter ready for school, my winter morning ritual of caffeinating myself and getting into a warm pair of pants ready to heat the seat of my car…

In short, everything was normal…

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Chomping depression away: lessons from hungry caterpillars (part 1- Banana)

Mar 06 2010 Published by under Decision, Determination, Information, Inspiration

I’ve decided to dedicate a few posts to evaluating and promoting some good-mood food.

Are you are familiar with caterpillars and their eating habits or at least Eric Carle’s classic book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”? They are very fussy and picky in what they eat, but once they find the ‘good stuff’, they eat loads and at an amazing rate!

Today’s good stuff for you to consider is:


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