14 ways to hurt yourself when you are depressed

May 03 2010 Published by under Decision, Determination, Inspiration


Gwyneth Lewis in her book ‘Sunbathing in the rain’, which describes her experience of depression, writes ”Depression itself can’t harm you, only what you do about it can.

Way too often we choose behaviours to harm and hurt ourselves when we feel depressed.

Here are a few examples how you might be hurting yourself:

  1. Not sleeping enough.
  2. Oversleeping.
  3. Locking yourself indoors and being inactive.
  4. Avoiding stimulation, excitement, adventures and experiences.
  5. Suppressing and/or repressing your emotions.
  6. Allowing your moods to be in charge.
  7. Letting negative thoughts run freely in your mind.   Continue Reading »

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You will make mistakes and that’s OK

Apr 27 2010 Published by under Determination

We all make mistakes throughout our lives. It’s normal. It’s human. If you try to avoid making mistakes, you will run into all kinds of trouble, ranging from indecisiveness and stagnation to severe depression.

Allowing yourself to live fully would inevitably lead to a few mistakes being made by you and that’s ok. Learn from your mistakes and cherish this knowledge. It is yours to help you recognise the same mistakes in advance and to make the right choices in the future.

Don’t beat yourself up, don’t shame or punish yourself when you mess things up. Of course, you will feel many different emotions arising within you when you know that you were responsible. Don’t try to suppress these emotions. They are there for a purpose! Let them flow and run their course.

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